Have you met Kevin O’Brien?

I met author Kevin O’Brien in 2012 at a Romance Book Convention in Chicago. That in and of itself would not be so unusual, except for the fact that Kevin doesn’t write romance books; he writes probably the complete opposite: thrillers. He was on a panel with James Rollins & Greg Horowitz, also not romance novelists.

Have you ever met someone that you clicked with instantly? That’s how it was when I met Kevin. Kevin is just one of those people who is completely likeable. We had a great time talking up a storm. He is a lot of fun!

Over the years, we’ve stayed in touch. One day, I joked about him putting me in one of his books. A couple of month later, to my surprise, he asked if I was serious about that. I told him, “Sure, as long as I don’t get killed.  I don’t think I could read that.” He told me that I would be a minor, but important character. Several months later, that book, Tell Me You’re Sorry, was released.

“The blond woman beside him in the bed was a stranger. The sheets covered her to the waist, and she had on Vanessa’s nightgown –the pink lacy number that got him hot whenever she wore it. But from the moonlight coming through the bedroom window, he could see she wasn’t Vanessa. And he could see she was dead.”

Isn’t that an awesome beginning?? I was immediately drawn in, so much so, that when my name appeared in the book, I actually jumped. I had forgotten that he had put me in the book!  Since then, Kevin has inserted my name at least somewhere in some of his other books. He calls them “Deborah winks”.

Kevin loves classic movies, especially Alfred Hitchcock. Kevin would be the most awesome person to watch Hitchcock movies with. His writing is clearly influenced by the master of suspense. Kevin’s books are suspense thrillers without the gratuitous gore. I think the funniest thing about Kevin is that he is such a sweet person, but writes these nail-biting, read with the lights on stories. Where does he come up with all of these ideas?

A couple of years ago when I was waiting for my Book Club to arrive at the store, I grabbed a copy of Tell Me You’re Sorry to show the group. I don’t think any of them had read any of Kevin’s books before. Several bought copies just because Kevin had made me a character in his book.  However, once they read Kevin’s books, they were hooked and became fans.  

So when Kevin was finally able to join us for an Author Chat this past August, everyone was very excited to meet him. He did not disappoint. Everyone had a blast. Kevin regaled us with some of his tales and we all laughed and had such a great time.

Kevin is very close friends with fellow author, Garth Stein, most famously known for The Art of Racing in the Rain, which also got made into a movie starring Milo Ventimiglia & Amanda Seyfried. By the way, I did ask Kevin if he would ask Garth to slip Milo my phone number, but he declined. Hey, a girl can try! 

Garth was scheduled to visit us for an Author Chat in September. His latest book is The Cloven, which is fantastic. Usually, I close Facebook right before I jump on my Zoom calls. However, one minute before we were scheduled to start, I got an instant message from Kevin asking if he could “crash” our call. We were all delighted to have Kevin join us. Garth and Kevin were hilarious together and got each other going. It is no exaggeration to say we all had a blast! Garth is absolutely fascinating, but the two of them together make for a jolly good time. Garth has his next release in The Cloven series coming out next summer. Kevin also has a book, The Night She Disappeared, releasing next summer….are you thinking what I’m thinking??? Hint, hint, Kevin & Garth! Let’s make that happen!

If there is one downside to Kevin, it’s that he lives so far way! He’s in Seattle, while I’m on the east coast. Thankfully, through the miracle of technology, Kevin can visit us via Zoom. Tonight makes the 3rd time he’s visited us this year!

So, I encourage you to join us tonight, November 30, 2020 @ 7PM EST, for our Author Chat with Kevin O’Brien, so that you, too, can then say, “Why, yes. I have met Kevin O’Brien!”

And Kevin, I’m so grateful for the fates that caused our paths to cross that day 8 years ago. I’m glad you’re my friend. And, please, don’t kill me off in one of your novels!

Tickets are available on Eventbrite.com. Kevin’s books are available for sale at my Bookshop: Deborah’s Book Club Bookshop. Link on upper right hand side of this page.

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